I was on hand for ND’s blowout of USC. It was a great day for the Irish. I saw Frank Murtha at his regular all-time tailgate. Frank continues to represent pro athletes and is working on a proposed spring professional football league. Jim Conley and Nick Eddy were on campus as well, but we didn’t connect. And I missed Cap Gagnon during his rounds.

Mike Bradshaw sent word that following a 51-year hiatus, he and Michael Stoltz finally caught up over lunch in Alexandria VA. Stoltz, a retired MD, was in town from Ft. Worth and Bradshaw is a retired lawyer in the DC area.

Word from Bob Conway, through Cappy, was that he joined Pete Budetti, Tim Gunn and John Phillips to watch the ND-MSU game at JP’s villa in Tuscany, Italy.

Harry Long made it for the Miami game and is hoping his granddaughter from California makes it to ND. Tim Streb sent a missive about the ND-GA loss, copying Tom Begley, Jamie Toohey, Paul Fieberg, John Flatley and Dave Rentschler.

Gusty Rini opined on the September passing of our famous mate Don Ohlmeyer. Gusty and Don roomed together off-campus for a semester senior year. Gusty noted that it was a motley crew that lived together and that it was one of his most memorable semesters at ND. As most know, Don was highly accomplished in broadcasting and equally recognized for his achievements with 16 Emmys.

John Twohey, Minch Lewis and Tom Bettag continue their fine efforts for the Pete Duranko Fund at ND. The fund began last year and provides resources for the Athletic Dept. to study and prevent head injuries for student athletes at ND. Some neat technology has already been purchased and is in use.

Ed Calior sent word from the Pittsburgh area where he resides in semiretirement. Ed lived with Cap frosh year in BP and went on to Pitt Law. He did a hitch with Army JAG at Ft. Hood, where he re-connected with another JAG officer, George Gray. Ed practiced until 2015 and he wants to hear about George Blaha, Steve Blaha and Bob Hagin.

Larry Dwyer continues his superb work as associate director of the ND band, which regularly wows audiences near and far. John Pavlic reports that retired life in Naples FL is good with Lynne and their two rescue dogs, along with some golf and travel.

Mike Rush up BC way shared that Bob Lombardo and Bill Loftus, in from Sacramento, had a Keenan minireunion over lunch in NYC. Mike also heard from Roger Kirwan in Golden CO and Mike Smith in Santa Fe and reports that Sid Baker is retired in Indy and taking care of Judy, who has health issues. Bob Rivello and Jim Hawkins joined Mike for their 55th high school reunion in Arlington VA. Pat Lannon missed the soiree but is the social chair for the Denver ND Club.

Fini for this issue. Stay well and send news.

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