I spoke with Jim Smith, who hangs out in Lancaster PA, and got some tidbits. Denny Conway retired from the FBI in Denver and is a private investigator in KC. Dangerous Dan McGinn is retired from his gig as a pitching coach at UN Omaha and spends lots of time with grandson Liam, 6, preparing him to follow in grandpa’s shoes as a flamethrower. Dick Schreder, a psychologist in Catonsville MD, joined Smitty and John Quinn at Jim’s family business, Smith’s Hotel, last fall for an ND game watch. John also retired from the FBI and is consulting in Connecticut. Smitty noted that Harry Long, who lost his wife to cancer, is spending time helping cancer patients deal with their illness. Smitty was looking forward to catching up with old bud Charlie O’Brien, who lives north of Baltimore up near the Susquehanna River. I recall that Charlie hit a home run in the trash business and is retired.

Bill Seidensticker connected with class president Cap Gagnon looking to find old buds Jim Curran and Dan Overholser, mentioned in my last column. A good group of mates attended the 50thYear Club Reunion: Bob Seaman, Minch Lewis, Mike Roddy, Roger Aiello, Jim Johnson, John Lucas, Pat Madden, John Gehr and Pat McRedmond.

Mike Rush is threatening to retire from his teaching job at BC next June. The General is tentatively planning to hang out in Chicago and South Bend to be near the Dome and his son and family. We’ll see.

John Twohey, Tom Bettag and Minch Lewis are continuing to spearhead the Pete Duranko fund initiative at ND. Serious resources, $208,000, have been raised from 399 classmates in Pete’s memory to fund head injury prevention and treatment among ND athletes. ND is happy with the progress being made and fundraising will continue this fall. See more on the '66 Home Page.

I’m helping with a research study to be conducted by Boston U, evaluating the impact playing major college football has had on the health of some 500 former ND players on teams from 1964 to 1980. The result should be a solid, comprehensive bank of data to help guide the ND football and athletic programs in dealing with head and related neurological injuries. BU is ground zero for research on CTE and ND cannot be officially involved in the study, to protect the independence and integrity of the conclusions.

I heard from Tony Rivizzigno in Syracuse, who’s still practicing law and staying close to his two kids. He keeps in touch with Tony Andrea, who is retired in Dorsett VT and still consulting in sports management. Their good bud Bob Basche is selling yachts in Rowayton CT, and another old friend, Dr. Bob Lombardo, has retired from his NYC endocrinology practice and spends time in Quog, Long Island.

Paul Ahr sent word that he and Pat are now living in Lake Worth FL where he is CEO of the Recovery Outcomes Institute, a non-profit working to reduce substance abuse disorders. Paul also is finishing up his MA in international affairs. I learned that ’65 Fighting Irish football captain and retired attorney Phil Sheridan and Kathy have moved from Jersey to the Virginia suburbs near DC to be closer to kids and grandkids. John Jackoboice will have three grandkids at ND this fall. Tout suite for this issue.

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