I heard through Cap Gagnon that Art Mier attended the Stanford game with a family party of 11. Art played in the 26th annual George Blaha (voice of the Detroit Pistons and MSU football) Invitational Golf Tourney in Michigan, along with Ray Flynn. Regular attendee Keith Stark had a conflict. Art connected on an LA trip with Beverly Hills resident Jim Hayden. Jim, with an assist from Bill Dwyre, wrote the new book The Pluck of the Irish, an anthology relating stories of ten sports figures who were inspired by ND and went on to make a difference.

Cap sat at the Pitt game with Boston attorney Paul Ware and Susan. Paul recalled the fledgling Irish lacrosse team with mates Bill Joseph and Don SnyderDon Bouffard reports that his May knee replacement is working well.Jack Gerken was on campus for the Ball State and Vandy games and tailgated with Ray Neihengen from Chicago and Jerry Erbach from DC. Denny Corrigan came in from northern Wisconsin for Vandy to party with Jack and Carol.

In a letter to John Flatley, Denny O'Toole shared thoughts, including that his St. Louis U High class sent six men to ND: himself, Tom GorlaDenny O'ConnellBill Ott, and two now deceased, Marine Lt. Larry Dirnberger(early in the Viet Nam war) and Tom Spurr. Denny noted his Jesuit education and that ND mates Bill Breen, JoeRobinson and the late Jim Phelan were fellow Jebby alumni. He also mentioned other respected ND mates from Texas: Denny Dunnigan, John Buck and Terry Golden. He spoke about Jamie Toohey, Jim Murray, PatLinski, Jay Hickey, Paul Bergson, the late Mike McAdams and John Twohey.

John and Mary Jane are enjoying grand parenting. Their Pulitzer Prize-winning daughter Megan is on leave from the New York Times to pen a behind-the-scenes account of how she and an NYT colleague broke the Harvey Weinstein story. Brad Pitt's production company has purchased movie rights to the book. JT met in NYC withVince Uhl, active in the international water-resources consulting business, working in exotic places such as Afghanistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Haiti, Somalia and the Kalahari Desert.

Tom Bettag still teaches journalism at U Maryland. Judy and Minch Lewis are still in Syracuse, where they have  happily resided since 1966. Dan Overholser retired from dentistry. He and Pat live in Myrtle Beach, where there is good golf but not much ND affinity. His daughter practices dentistry in Texas and his son does IT work for the Pentagon in Germany.

Congrats to Mike Rush, who was recently elected as Senior Alumni rep for upper New York state and New England, working with senior alumni and local ND clubs. He'll have plenty to do after his planned retirement next June from the business faculty at BC in Boston. Mike credits Dick Martiny of Maryland for helping him win the alumni slot. Mike noted that our late classmate Jim Ballard's son was buried with full military honors at Arlington after a train accident. He reminded that Sid Baker's wife recently died after a long cancer battle. MR also reported that Bob Riviello is back playing golf after a bypass operation, that Mike Smith is thinking of moving back to Chicago from Santa Fe, that Bill Loftus did a Mediterranean cruise, and that Mike Boone is active with the Senior Alumni in Denver.

We have some additional sad news. Mike Caolo's wife Caroline died last August following a long struggle. I heard from Cole Clark that All-American distance runner Mike Coffey passed in August. Word came that Marty Dunnpassed in July. Finally, I neglected to mention in the last issue the passing of Bob Plank. His roomie, Paul Sauerof Columbus, reminded me. Bob was a great guy who loved life and had many laughs, particularly at our 45th reunion. He joined Rush, Dave Worland, Mike Mooney, Pat Ryan and others as a powerful ROTC basketball team that won the campus championship. That's it for now. Send news.

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