I heard from Starman, aka Jim Starshak, out Hawaii way, who is preparing for his 50th at the ND Law School. He says Matt Dwyer, also a Double Domer, will miss the reunion because of the ND-Georgia game in Athens. Matt’s kids went to U of Georgia and he’ll attend a family reunion at the game but will join “Star” for USC in the Bend. Tim Malloy, an accomplished litigator in the Windy City, will make the reunion, as will Scott (formerly Harry) Atwell, whose wife’s family owns one of the stately old residences on Notre Dame Avenue. Jim reports that his aortic valve failed last November, and he hit the Cleveland Clinic to have it successfully repaired.

Jack Gerken of Jack’s Journeys’ fame reports that Tom Gorman resides down Athens way and will be in the midst of all the ND festivities. John Flatley sent word and a photo of a gathering of eagles: Dick Vanetten, Hank Schlacter, Jamie Toohey, Joe Pete Wilbert and Terry Golden. Flats reports that the group gets together faithfully, and past attendees have included the late Mike Smith, the late Glen Rey, Andy Dincolo, Bill Wentworth and Mike Caolo. Flats also traveled with Joe Pete and wives, along with Joe Bodell. He visited with Jack Pavlic in Naples FL.

Steve Snyder weighed in from San Francisco, where he and wife Nelda have lived since 1970. Steve is a clinical prof of medicine at highly-regarded U of California San Francisco. Steve would love to hear from old pals Marco Locco, Rich Davis and John ReillyKen Mahieu sent word of a family trip to India, home to his wife Chin. They took kids and grandkids to met distant relatives and enjoyed various parts of the country. It was Ken’s 20th trip to India and during his first in 1971 he met Indira Gandhi. Ken noted that Mike Ryan, a fellow Stanford Hall bud recently retired from his internal medicine practice in Amarillo, where he spent his career.

Class president and ’66 connector-par-excellence Cap Gagnon sent a note from Bill Joseph, who is completing his 20th and final year as a municipal court judge in Janesville OH. Joe Farrell noted that he is mostly retired from a career in community development that featured projects including sewer lines, street paving, sidewalks and park improvements for communities in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. His retirement job is writing, and he’s working on his first novel. Joe recently spoke with Terry Kiwala, who splits his time between his Chicago law office and the golf course. Unfortunately, Joe also related the passing of Joe Woods in 2017.

Tim Streb chimed in from San Francisco where he is on the boards of two local dance companies and cares for wife Bugs, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Tim escapes to their Paris apartment two or three times a year. He made the Navy game where he saw Pat and Howard YorkJerry Kennell and his wife, along with Kathy and Corey Hart. Jennifer and Mike Donahue were to join them, but Mike had an SEC filing re his investment firm. They live in Pacific Palisades and Jennifer is a well-known designer for top-tier homes. They all plan to get together with Johanna Cashill, wife of the late Pat Cashill. Tim saw Tom Begley in San Francisco in August and caught up with Patty and Paul Fieberg now living in Bend OR. Tim stays in touch with Gus Rini, a public defender in Cleveland, and Dave (George) Rentschler of Salt Lake and NYC, as well as Jim (Jiggs) McAuliff in Bellows Falls VT. Tim noted that John Phillips and Pete Budetti were mentioned in a story about whistle bowers in a February issue of The New Yorker.

John Twohey related that Geof Bartz was principal editor of a documentary on the lives and careers of New York newspaper columnists Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill on HBO in January. It got rave reviews. Prolific writer Barry Lopez has produced another winner, Horizon, which received strong reviews from the Wall St. Journal. Fini.

Webmaster’s note: After this quarterly update went to press, Tim Streb reported the passing of Corey Hart in Westlake Village CA on June 9, 2019. See Cappy’s Corner on this web site for more information.

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