Ask A Coach: I'm changed. Work has changed. What advice do you have to navigate it?

Sharon Keane '84

Meet Sharon on IrishCompass.

You may be returning to the workforce after a short or long time away from it. Regardless, it has changed for everyone -- where, how, and with whom. With a strong labor market and job creation predicted by many, how do we navigate this landscape? Read on for practical suggestions to help you along your journey.

Learn about your new organization, industry, or profession from fellow alumni who have that experience. It's amazing what you can learn in a single conversation with a trusted advisor. IrishCompass is a fantastic resource to quickly identify and connect with alumni who have volunteered to share what they know. There are literally thousands of alumni on IrishCompass ready to assist. 

Simply go to and the "ND Network" tab and use the filters along the top. For example, type in the name of your desired organization or use the "Field of Work" filter to generate alumni in a specific industry.

You can also enhance your industry knowledge by joining in the online discussions in each of the 30+ industry groups on IrishCompass. We encourage you to join those industry groups where you have an interest and also where you have experience so you can be helped and help others too.

Re-entry can be energizing and nerve-wracking. Lean on the Notre Dame family for information and inspiration. We're here to support each other!


Sharon Keane '84 works with the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s Career Coaching Program

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