IrishCompass Recruiter Profile: Taylor Peace ’15

Taylor Peace ’15 graduated with a degree in management consulting because of her interest in nonprofit management. She originally joined naviHealth as a marketing specialist but has since transitioned to associate project manager.
Meet Taylor on IrishCompass
Can you provide a brief overview of your background at Notre Dame and how that led you to your current role?
By my sophomore year at Notre Dame, I had decided to pursue business because I had a lot of interest in nonprofit management. I graduated in 2015 with a BBA in management consulting and went on to Cincinnati to work for a non-profit company called Dynamic Catholic. I worked there for about three years but then was looking to move to Nashville, which is quite a big city for health care, and I thought this would be a great industry for transitioning from non-profit to for-profit because they both value having purpose-driven missions. I started at naviHealth in May 2018 as a marketing specialist; this January, I transitioned to associate project manager.
What are some distinguishing factors of ND alums?
ND alums are very driven and ambitious. They see problems in the world and want to solve them. When you meet an ND alum, you can see their passion for whatever they do — they can be leaders not just at Notre Dame but in life.
What are the top three skills NaviHealth looks for in applicants?
First, we want someone who is passionate and wants a career with purpose. We serve the senior population in health care, so we want someone who cares about delivering better health care to this population. Second, we want someone who is driven. We are a fast-paced company. In the three years I have been here, we have grown to over 2,000 employees. Third, someone who is a team player. It is a collaborative culture; we know how to support one another. We need someone who knows how to be part of a team.
What is the value of hiring fellow ND alumni?
When you are looking for a new job or are looking to hire, you are looking for references. For me, hiring a Notre Dame alumni — even if I have not met them — means I have a baseline of who they are because I know a bit about their background. There is a trust factor in referring, working with, or hiring a Notre Dame alum. You are familiar with their previous experiences, so you can vouch for their background.
How has your experience been recruiting fellow ND alumni?
I have not hired anyone, but I started using IrishCompass in my previous role at Dynamic Catholic, and I have definitely had people reach out to me with interest in my work. I recently had an alum receive an offer but turn down the role.
What does it take to be successful in this industry?
An eagerness to learn. When I started at naviHealth, I had no experience in health care but had an open mind and the ability to seek out any opportunities that would help me learn — whether it was learning from someone individually or attending an industry event. In terms of health care as an industry, it is moving fast and evolving. You need someone who is willing to learn and pursue educational opportunities.
Do you have any career advice, especially for young alumni who are entering a pandemic economy?
This is easier said than done, but be open-minded. The first two jobs I had out of college were not what I would have predicted. Be open to different opportunities because there is a lot you can do in any industry. My other friends with business degrees are all doing very different roles in very different industries. It is important to search — what might not seem like the right opportunity is still worth giving a chance. 

It is great to have IrishCompass as a specific “LinkedIn” for Notre Dame alumni. People are very supportive in the alumni network.

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