Ask A Coach: How do we work together with more compassion post-pandemic?

Jade Augustine ’13

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As many of us begin to return to the workplace with more regularity, and in some cases for the first time in many months, it’s understandable to feel uncertainty. As organizations roll out new guidelines and are welcoming employees back into the workplace, it’s important to have compassion for ourselves and for others. Here are three ways to embrace this approach for a better experience:

  1. Have Awareness and Empathy for Others – While we’ve seen glimpses of our co-workers’ personal lives through Zoom meetings, we may not know or understand the full extent to which the pandemic has affected them or their families. Being empathetic to others and recognizing that each person has experienced different challenges helps us be more understanding.
  2. Make Communication a Priority – Now more than ever, it’s important to connect with co-workers and have regular check-ins. If you manage a team, make time during one-on-one meetings to see how the new schedule and setup are working for team members. Work schedules and arrangements may need adjustments in the short term. Continue to build trusted relationships and create ways to keep lines of communication open.
  3. Keep an Open Mind and Think Creatively – We are all entering uncharted territory. Some pre-pandemic processes and systems will continue on, while other changes have been implemented based on our new way of working. Collaborating with co-workers, being open to new innovative ideas, and taking an inclusive approach help to cultivate compassion and connection. 

We’ve experienced considerable change in how we work, in some instances where we’re working from, and in our personal lives. Treating one another with kindness and compassion helps those we work with, it improves our own personal experience and has a positive impact on the organization.


Jade Augustine ’13 is an Executive, Leadership, and Career Coach with OptimizeU Partners and also coaches in the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s Career Coaching Program

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