Most of us will have a career that spans 40+ years and we’d like to be happy in our work. Be productive. Enjoy it. Contribute meaningfully. The research tells us that those of us earlier in our careers will experience 10-12 job transitions. This means plenty of fresh starts and opportunities to flourish. Or flounder. 

Matt Bloom with Mendoza directs WorkWell, where they are researching to understand the importance of a sense of well-being at work. What can we take away as we navigate our own career path?

This research surfaces from a multidimensional understanding of the conditions that foster or impede positive work experiences and the ability to be content and flourish in the short and long term. They have determined four dimensions of well-being for working adults as a way to measure happiness:

    • Our capacity to adapt, change, and respond to life's challenges; enables us to recover from setbacks, to grow, and to develop new capabilities.
    • The meaning and significance we experience in our lives; our values, core beliefs, and sense of life purpose; and our experience of deep social connections.
    • Our sense of identity, which includes the beliefs we hold about who we are as human beings, our self-image and self-worth, and our sense of respect and dignity.
    • The emotional dynamics and the subjective quality of our daily lives. Happiness is linked to enhanced health, creativity, decision-making, and adversity response.

Take the next steps to improve your own wellbeing with the support of the WorkWell App.

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