Your professional journey — and the successes you have realized along the way — provide valuable lessons for fellow alumni. We at IrishCompass will be sharing alumni stories over the next few months with the Notre Dame family. We invite you to share ways you have used IrishCompass to facilitate connections with students and alumni and facets of your career and leadership style that you have developed over time that will be beneficial for alumni to learn from.

Use the acronym O.A.R. (opportunity, action, result) to help share your successes: 

Opportunity: What was the opportunity/challenge/problem presented to you? What was the situation or context? Did you use specific tactics to assess the situation?
Action: What specific actions did you take to help bring resolution to the opportunity/challenge/problem?
Result: What was the outcome of the action you took? Can you quantify the impact of your effort? Provide a sense of the scale of your work and the resulting impact.

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