Ask A Coach: What are two ways I can give myself a fresh career start?

Theresa Sullivan ’98
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A sustainable, successful career hinges on your ability to derive energy from what you do. Understanding the conditions under which you naturally thrive and consciously choosing them will give your career a big boost.

First, it is critical to be aware of the environments, culture, people, and functional career areas where you thrive.

Who do you enjoy working with and why? 

Which tasks and functions do you intrinsically enjoy doing, and which grind you down?

What gives your life meaning or purpose and does your career support or impede that?

Once you’ve done the work to understand how and when you flourish, be open about it both inside and outside of work. There is so much power in letting others know what your strengths and interests are and the career opportunities you seek. This doesn’t always need to be verbal; you can communicate through your work, or the things you share on social media and even in the groups inside or outside work you give your time and talent to. Not only does it reinforce and orient you, but it signals to others which new people and opportunities you’d be perfect for so they can connect you.


Theresa Sullivan ’98 is a Senior Partner Development Executive with BetterUp and also coaches in the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s Career Coaching Program

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