As the Club has made the transition to our new website, the way the system handles membership is a little different than under the old system. Previously, all memberships expired at the end of the Club's fiscal year -- on June 30. The Club offered early dues pricing to encourage members to pay dues at the beginning of the fiscal year so that they would get as close to a full year of membership as possible.  For members who paid dues close to the end of the fiscal year, we would roll their dues over to the next year out of courtesy.

The new system instead gives members one full year of membership from the date of purchase.  That's really a better way to handle things anyway and we had been considering doing it that way for a while. As such, early dues pricing doesn't really serve any purpose -- you always get one full year of membership regardless of when you pay dues. We'll continue doing a push for membership from May through the beginning of football season, as that's usually the time where we're gearing up for the new school year.  Also, please keep in mind that you still need to pay your dues by July 30 if you want to be eligible for the Football Ticket lottery.

Another perk of the new system is that it will automatically e-mail you 30 days before your membership is about to expire, as well as remind you 30 days after your membership has expired if you haven't renewed. That should make it easier for everyone to remember to renew their membership. Also, you can set your membership to auto-renew, which makes it even easier.  

The new system is bound to have some bugs to work out and doesn't yet have full functionality. Specifically, at the moment there's no way to include a donation to the Club's scholarship fund when you pay your dues, or buy raffle tickets.  It's being worked on, but it's impossible to say when that functionality will be available.  We'll do our best to work around it until it is available.  Thanks for your patience as we learn how this new system really works and we hope it's an improvement over the old system.


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