To celebrate the launch of our new website, and to kick off our Rudy Virtual Watch Party, we're asking our members to help André House, one of our four Club Charities. If you aren't familiar with André House, it is a House of Hospitality serving the homeless and vulnerable population in Phoenix. From the André House website: "André House of Arizona became more than a concept on October 1, 1984, when two Holy Cross priests from Notre Dame rented a house in a working-class neighborhood in Phoenix. They came to live in the community and serve in the tradition of the Congregation of Holy Cross and the Catholic Worker Movement (co-founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin). Their mission was to respond to the basic needs of the poor and homeless people while encouraging others to do the same. On November 29, 1984, the first guest was welcomed, beginning a long tenure of hospitality. Shortly thereafter a community of volunteers formed to minister to the needs of the guests and the neighborhood."

We understand that it is a difficult time for everyone and that is especially true for the poor and homeless of Arizona. André House is still serving the community through this difficult time, continuing to provide meals and providing hygene services. The Club wants to serve our commmunity especially in this challenging time, and we're encouraging everyone to help!  Here's how you can get involved:

  • Contribute Items from the Daily Needs List.
  • Make a Financial Donation
  • Volunteer.  While André House is not using volunteers on site, you can still help by making masks for the clients:

The André House staff has told us: "Of course our Core team is stubborn and is holding to one of the ideals that brought them to Andre House…. To live amongst our guests and as our guests do……..   this includes wearing masks.

 Well, no one has really thought about all the folks on the streets. How are they gonna get masks? THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN.


All it takes is a 22” square piece of material or bandana and either 2 rubber bands or hair elastics. No need to finish the ends of fabric if you cut 22” squares.


Don’t have a bandana? No problem. The standard size of a bandana is 22 inches square, so you can find a piece of cotton fabric that has a similar weight. An old bedsheet, a pillowcase, a T-shirt, pajamas or a dress shirt you don’t wear anymore will do just fine.

Don’t have rubber bands? Stretchy hair ties (the kind you secure a ponytail with) will do the trick.


Here is a video that will show you how:


You can mail the masks directly to André House, drop them off 

Please bring donations to the Hospitality Center located at: 213 S. 11th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85007.

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