Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends,

For many of us, the turn of the clock to midnight at the end of the year held extra promise. 2020 provided us with so much uncertainty, loss, anger, and pain that we relished the idea of leaving it behind. Unfortunately, in the first two weeks of 2021, our renewed hope has been dampened.

Those breaching the U.S. Capitol last week will and must be held accountable. For the rest of us, to understand how we can help close this difficult chapter in American history and restore unity in the United States of America, we will need to bridge our divides.

Even with the outrage and disappointment many of us feel, we need to find the good in our co-workers, our friends, and, yes, our families. Listen to them. Attempt to process different perspectives. As we always do at Notre Dame, look for opportunities to educate both yourself and others. 

And if the events in our nation’s capital weren’t enough, of course, the pandemic has not subsided, despite the advances in vaccinations across the country. Until we are vaccinated, I urge you to wear a mask, stay distanced, and reduce your daily footprint.

Finally, whatever you believe, put your faith there. Through my Catholic faith, I have found the strength to endure throughout this pandemic and during our trying times as a country. 

May God bless you and your family in 2021 as we seek healing on all fronts.

Yours in Notre Dame,

Dolly Duffy ’84
Executive Director
Notre Dame Alumni Association

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