Mara Oyster ’04 (meet Mara on IrishCompass) is the recruiting manager at Epic, a healthcare software company.

Can you provide a brief overview of your background at Notre Dame and how that led you to your current role?

I graduated in 2004 with degrees in political science and Spanish. I wanted exposure to the business world in a role that had a tangible, positive impact on society. What impressed me about business, in particular, is that it is fast-paced, dynamic, and challenging. Epic ended up being a perfect fit because I can see the impact our company has on the healthcare industry, which does touch all of us at some point in time. I am currently the recruiting manager for our largest technical division, and I have been with human resources for 16 years.

What is the value of hiring Notre Dame talent into Epic?

When you are working in the healthcare software industry, technology and processes change constantly. We need employees who embrace change and enjoy learning and are good at both. We see this in Notre Dame grads.

The second differentiator is mission. The values that lead students to choose Notre Dame often lead them to choose Epic because we are a mission-oriented company working to improve patient care. There is a purposefulness to the work.

We compete for top tech talent with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Epic stands out in our commitment to our mission, and this tends to translate well with Notre Dame grads. People gain more from their work when they feel connected to the mission.

What are some distinguishing factors in applicants? Do you have advice for students applying to Epic?

We look for strong technical aptitude, the ability to learn new skills, communication and relationship building. We hire from virtually every major for different teams, so we focus on individuals with those solid core skills who also have the potential to learn new skills. We want people who can grow and get excited by learning new skills instead of being intimidated. On the more technical side, developers need to be able to design and not just write out the code someone else has laid out for you. This can be a great fit for a candidate who wants a bigger role in designing the software.

Please describe your experience in posting a role on IrishCompass. Were any applications received? Any lead candidates or hires made?

We are certainly pleased with the partnership we have built with Notre Dame over the years. Most years, we hire over 30 Notre Dame students and alumni and have hired 245 in total. We made our first campus hires in 2003, and I first recruited back on campus in 2004 and 2005, when we were a much smaller company. To see how much Epic has grown has been cool. We now get dozens of applicants from Notre Dame every year and have quite a bit of success hiring them, too. We are glad to have a tool to specifically reach out to alumni, and we are optimistic IrishCompass will help us in connecting with the Notre Dame community.


There are 61 alumni currently working at Epic who are on IrishCompass. Connect with them by typing ‘Epic’ into the search bar on the IrishCompass platform.

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