IrishCompass Recruiter Profile: Christina Glorioso ’95, ’99 MBA

Christina Glorioso ’95, ’99 MBA (meet Christina on IrishCompass) is the Senior Vice President of Creative Partnerships, News + Cable Entertainment at NBCUniversal. An active member of the Notre Dame Alumni Association Board of Directors, she was an early partner for IrishCompass.

Can you provide a brief overview of your background at Notre Dame and how that led you to your current role?
I graduated in ’95 and earned an MBA in ’99 and have since been involved in the University in a number of ways. I was a beta partner for IrishCompass because I was on the Monogram Career Network.... When we saw IrishCompass, we thought it could be a great platform for connecting people and posting jobs. My first real connection to IrishCompass was my work with the Monogram Club to create a community of monogram winners and student-athletes within the tool. Now, I work to continue to support IrishCompass, post jobs, and participate in industry conversations.

What is the value of hiring talent from Notre Dame into NBCUniversal?
You expect that there is a certain standard — a very high standard — when you hire a quality Notre Dame student or alumnus. Obviously, I think it is a well-rounded education. But, more than that, I think Notre Dame alums bring a work ethic, a higher-level understanding. Notre Dame is not an easy place; you have to work hard to succeed and have the drive to win.

I post on IrishCompass for experienced hires because I know they will always deliver when put in the role. They will always learn; they will always work hard. And they wind up being the best. The team I built at NBCU has five of 30 people from Notre Dame.

What are some distinguishing factors of strong applicants from Notre Dame?
Super smart, but I do not necessarily mean book intelligence but the ability to connect the dots. They’ve lived in the world, are very mature, multifunctional players. If you are a marketer, you are able to work with the finance team or the operations team. (They’re) empathetic. (They’re) team players, people who get it done. If you assign something to a Notre Dame alum, you know it will be done and done well.

When you posted a role on IrishCompass, were any applications received? Were there any leading candidates or hires made?
I post a lot. I typically post that they apply to the general NBCU website. I have had a number of people reach out to me personally. Maybe not to apply but noticed that I posted something and asked me for advice on how to best position themselves for the role. There have been a number of qualified applicants.

Do you have any advice for Notre Dame alumni applying to NBCUniversal?
This is for anyone. Maybe not just for NBCU, but especially NBCU. People overlook the value of a job description. And they are all over IrishCompass. A job description is an amazing source of information. The employer is telling you exactly what they are looking for. My greatest piece of advice is to review the job description, highlight the things you have done, and then in your application and interview, talk about those assets of the job description in which you have past experience and can demonstrate that experience. 

For NBCU specifically: passion for the media industry. When you work in an industry in which a lot of people want to work, you have to have experience in that industry to get your foot in the door. If you are an entry-level, full-time applicant, you will have to have demonstrated an interest in media and entertainment before applying. … If you want to be in the media industry, you cannot submit a resume that shows no commitment to that industry. Not just “It sounds like a cool job, so I am applying.” That resume will likely be overlooked. 

How would you suggest alumni use IrishCompass?
Do not necessarily use it like social networking and friend everyone. Be thoughtful about who you reach out to; give them a quality reason to answer. Ask relevant questions. I would consider this an extension of in-person networking, and I would use it in a thoughtful way. The same way you would in-person networking. 

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