Tom Darrow '87, SHRM-SCP
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Do you want to optimize your career success? Engaging with a career coach can be the catalyst!

A certified career coach is trained and passionate about helping people reach their career goals. Unemployed, misemployed, underemployed, pre-retirement…even happily employed…are all ideal times to engage a coach.

A coach’s approach will vary based on your needs. It could include any combination of:

Determining your sweet spot. Where are you heading in your career? As Stephen Covey detailed in “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” we should “begin with the end in mind.” For career management, you need to first map out career goals that align with your personal purpose, passions, skills, and motivations.

Creating your search strategy. Optimize your resume and LinkedIn and IrishCompass profiles. Is your elevator pitch effective? Also, learn where to look for openings that fit your sweet spot. Build a target list of organizations that meet your requirements and then leverage your network to be recommended to them. Be prepared to interview well by sharing what they need to hear, not just what you want to say.

Encouraging and guiding you through the journey. The job market is competitive and difficult. Emotions need to remain positive and determination constant. A coach is your accountability partner and helps you stay focused and accelerate down the right path.

Working with a coach requires a nominal financial and time investment. The good news is the investment is in you and your career success! There aren’t many better investment opportunities than investing in your career. And, there’s no better time than now to find the right career coach and optimize your career journey. 

Click here for more information on career coaching services available to support our alumni.

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