IrishCompass Mentor Provides Ongoing Guidance for Aspiring Lawyer

IrishCompass Mentor Provides Ongoing Guidance for Aspiring Lawyer


Graham Pilotte ’16 had just finished her first semester at Notre Dame Law School and was looking for advice on summer internships she might explore. 


So over Christmas break, she met in person with her mentor, John Maley ’85, a partner with Barnes & Thornburg in Indianapolis. 


It was a natural development in a mentoring relationship that began when Pilotte was considering law school and looking for advice. She initially connected with Maley through IrishCompass, Notre Dame’s online community for networking, mentoring and job opportunities, and has continued to benefit from his expertise as the two have stayed in touch over phone calls and email. 


“I think the really great thing about our mentoring relationship is that it has unfolded quite organically,” Pilotte says. “We’ve been able to meet in person and talk to each other and know each other as real people, not just avatars on a website. And I think that’s the really incredible thing about IrishCompass.”


IrishCompass, which is for both undergraduate and graduate ND students as well as alumni, allows participants to network either one-on-one or in any of its more than 30 industry groups. Participants can also join professional discussions and apply for openings on a private job board. And both students and alumni can find professional mentors from within the Notre Dame family. 


As a mentor, Maley is happy to continue providing guidance to Pilotte as she explores her legal interests and considers internship options that will set her up for a successful career. 


“I can be a resource for her as she works her way through law school, seeks internships, and conducts her job search,” Maley says. “We’ll continue to stay in touch. She knows I’ll be a resource and support for her.” 


That’s a huge plus for Pilotte as she continues to prepare for a legal career. 


“John has been a great resource and a terrific mentor,” she says. “It’s been wonderful to get to know him in real life and to have a professional relationship that has continued since I first started thinking about law school. That’s incredible to have, and IrishCompass made that happen, so I’m really grateful.”  


January is National Mentoring Month. To find a mentor—or become one—visit IrishCompass at


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