Small businesses are an important engine in our economy. There are 32 million small businesses in the United States, and between 2000-19, they created 10.5 million new jobs compared with the 5.6 million jobs created by large businesses.

We know the entrepreneurial spirit and tradition of small and family-run businesses are alive and active within the ND community. 

That’s why we created a community on IrishCompass dedicated to alumni business owners. The new Alumni Business Directory, launched in November to celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month, is a dynamic community of alumni-owned businesses across industries. This is where Notre Dame business owners can: 

  • promote their businesses.
  • identify businesses and supply chain partners.
  • participate in online discussions and programs.
  • tap a high-quality talent pool to recruit and hire.
  • support future entrepreneurs and business owners.

Join and use this checklist to enhance your Alumni Business Directory listing.

Who is this for? You and...

Martin Scruggs ’92 — Special Agent, Football Coach, & Idea Center and Alumni Association Board Member
Martin Scruggs ’92 is the co-founder and COO of M&S Biotics, a healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) company focused on improving a surgical procedure's efficiency, efficacy, and safety by detecting, counting, locating, and tracking surgical items in the operating room in real-time. He joined the Alumni Business Directory not only to showcase his company and attract potential ND talent but also to inspire the next generation to join his team or, if interested in starting their own company, to create a whole new opportunity for themselves and others. The ND network has been instrumental in the success of his business as he has met other like-minded people who provide support and mentorship.

Jes Christian ’14 — Athlete, Inventor, & Beyonce Fan
Jes Christian ’14 ran track and jumped as a student-athlete on the Notre Dame track & field team. Over the years, she became annoyed by having to take her cleats on and off to go to the bathroom, locker room, and snack stand, so she founded Hypsole, a special sports footwear and branded apparel company that will launch very soon with stylish and functional cleat guards that are manufactured in the United States. Jes’ best advice: “You'll never be ‘ready’ to start a business, so start now, learn along the way, and always fall forward.”

Andy Shafer ’84 — Leader, Business-Builder & Author
Andy Shafer ’84 majored in chemical engineering, worked at Fortune 50 companies including Cargill and Dow Chemical, and now commercializes products, establishes brands, creates new business platforms, and builds entirely new companies. His company, Shafer’s Innovation and Business Building Services, engages with Fortune 50 and start-up companies at every stage of the process and has included entrepreneurs, corporate business leaders, and Nobel Prize winners. 

Alex Sejdinaj ’15 — Volunteer, Entrepreneur & Award Winner
Alex Sejdinaj ’15, a self-taught coder who has co-founded three South Bend-based technology companies, is passionate about using technology to help others make the world a more equitable place. The South Bend Code School is an award-winning technology education program for socioeconomically, racially, and gender diverse students ages 18 and under and is expanding into developing inclusive technology programs for adults focusing on workforce retraining and professional development. Code Works is a digital product studio that designs and develops tech solutions for clients nationally while working with regional government and philanthropic entities to develop affordable and accessible technology assistance programs for small businesses in Northern Indiana. GiveGrove is a fundraising platform that simplifies the process of running and managing fundraising events. Fellow ND alums have been some of her biggest supporters and she’s grateful for that.


Join Martin, Jes, Andy, and Alex in the Alumni Business Directory here!

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