Notre Dame Clubs

Be the Notre Dame Force in Your Community
Father Sorin founded Notre Dame with a bold vision in mind: That one day his school would serve as a powerful force for good. Generations of Notre Dame students, alumni, and friends have turned that vision into a reality. And today, 175 years after Father Sorin arrived in the woods of northern Indiana, the need is just as great. But you don’t have to be on campus to answer the call.

Across the country and around the world, 270 Notre Dame clubs stand ready to mobilize the force in this fight for good. To join your fellow Notre Dame alumni and friends in serving the needy, praying for the marginalized, supporting the next generation of Notre Dame students, and so much more, get involved with your local Notre Dame club today.

For 175 years, the Notre Dame family has answered the call to serve those in need. Thanks to your local Notre Dame club, you don’t need to look far for ways you can lend a helping hand.

Our communities work because we work within them. We use our knowledge gained at Notre Dame to create and enhance effective organizations across the globe. And we do it the right way—based in our values. Your local Notre Dame club serves as a hub for networking in your community. Whether you are looking for professional development opportunities or the next career step, you can grow your business circle by getting involved with your local club.

Celebrate Your Faith
Faith inspires and informs everything we do. It has since the beginning. It’s what inspired Father Sorin to found a school and name it for Our Lady 175 years ago, and for generations, the Notre Dame family has celebrated our shared faith together. You have plenty of opportunities to join in this proud tradition by getting involved with your local Notre Dame club.

Support Students
They are the future. Our next community and business leaders. The next wave of scientists, teachers, doctors, and priests. Today’s Notre Dame students will carry on the Notre Dame mission and legacy for years to come, and they need our help. And your local Notre Dame club offers numerous avenues to mentor and support these young men and women.

Whether it’s hockey or hoops or football, you can always cheer for old Notre Dame alongside friends at game watches. When you can’t be at the game, your local Notre Dame can help bring the game to you.