Years after graduation, your class remains an important part of your Notre Dame experience. No matter how long it’s been since you received your diploma or ordered your class ring, you can stay in touch with classmates through a variety of channels, whether it’s by attending campus events or catching up on news. Here are a few outlets you can use to continue reconnecting with your classmates:


Every five years after graduation, your class will come back to campus for Reunion. It’s a time to see what’s changed and what’s remained the same, to explore the nooks and crannies of campus, and to learn what the University — and your fellow alums — are doing these days. From Mass and continuing education seminars to dinner in the dining hall and late-night conversations at the refreshment tents, Reunion is a great opportunity to relive your Notre Dame experience and reconnect with your classmates. Read More

Alumni Directory

Whether it’s your roommate, that one guy who lived down the hall, or dorm friends you haven’t seen since graduation, you can find fellow alums in our online alumni directory. Moving to a new area and want to find new ND connections? Our directory can help you. Pull it up on your laptop or tablet or take it to go on your mobile phone. And start connecting — and reconnecting. Search

Alumni Stories

Wondering what other alums are up to? Interested in learning more? Browse our alumni stories for quick mentions of fellow Domers who have appeared in the news and follow links to more in-depth profiles. We’re always on the lookout for new stories, so if you or your friends have been covered by a news outlet, please contact us and recommend we add the story. Read More

Class Notes in Notre Dame Magazine

Your hub for all the little snippets of news from classmates — weddings, baptisms, promotions, moves, and more. Class Notes is a great resource for collecting all these items. Catch up with your classmates and submit your own notes. Read More