6 Reasons North Dining Hall Is Better

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The debate is as old as the buildings themselves. Which of the two dining halls on Notre Dame’s campus is better? Sides in this argument often are determined purely by geography, with students preferring the eatery closer to their dorm. But for the passionate few, the reasons for their loyalty run deeper.

We reached out on Facebook to our alumni and friends to find out what these partisans love about their chosen dining hall. Here’s what they told about North Dining Hall:

1. Pick a Level, Any Level
You can actually find your friends. The three tiers of seating offer more options that are easier to navigate.

2. Welcome to the Big Show
You can watch SportsCenter with your lunch thanks to the TVs on the lower level.

3. Buon Appetito
As one Facebook friend said, “Three little words: Pasta. Stir. Fry.” Good luck getting Chicago Alfredo at South.

4. Let There Be Light!
The windows and skylight allow for a sunny dining experience.

5. Claim Your Spot
You don’t have to go searching for a seat with a full tray in your hand. You can put your bag down and claim your table right after entering. 

6. Tap Into Your Inner Pizza Chef
Tap into your inner pizza chef! While South has recently adopted its own version, “Make Your Own Pizza” has been a North staple for years.