6 Reasons South Dining Hall Is Better

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The debate is as old as the buildings themselves. Which of the two dining halls on Notre Dame’s campus is better? Sides in this argument often are determined purely by geography, with students preferring the eatery closer to their dorm. But for the passionate few, the reasons for their loyalty run deeper.

We reached out on Facebook to our alumni and friends to find out what these partisans love about their chosen dining hall. Here’s what they told us South Dining Hall is better:

1. The Looks Department
The architecture is beautiful. From the outside, South Dining Hall is one of the most attractive buildings on a campus full of them. Inside, it’s like you’re dining at Hogwarts. 

2. Where Should We Meet?
It inspired its own language. Whether it was “left left,” “left right,” “right right,” or “right left,” you always knew where to meet your friends.

3. Food Fight!
It lends itself better to food fights. As one of our friends on Facebook put it, “Higher ceilings let you fling food farther.”

4. Walls of Fame
The oak-paneled walls lend an air of class to the two bowls of Lucky Charms you ate for lunch. 

5. One-Stop Shopping
The food is all in one place. There’s no need to go from room to room filling up your plates. 

6. The Last Supper
The art can’t be beat. You can enjoy a quiet (OK, not so quiet) dinner while staring at “The Last Supper” painting on the wall.