Chances are you already know about the opportunities you have to connect with your local Notre Dame club and your graduating class. But what you may not know is that we also have a number of groups you can join. Whether you’re a young alum or a senior alum, living abroad or looking to celebrate the University’s diversity, we’ve got you covered.

Diversity Council

The Notre Dame Diversity Council includes representatives from the African-American, Asian-Pacific, Hispanic, and Native American alumni communities. Together, the council’s members work to share best practices, strengthen efforts to achieve Notre Dame’s vision on diversity, and support departments across campus, including admissions, financial aid, and academic colleges.

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The Notre Dame family is a truly global network, and the international alumni relations program works to strengthen it by supporting both the University’s international outreach as well as alumni who live abroad. Working with the Notre Dame International office on campus and the approximately 50 Notre Dame clubs abroad, the program helps foster connections among Domers everywhere.

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ND Women Connect

ND Women Connect provides Notre Dame alumnae the opportunity to connect, by encouraging personal and professional relationships; to nurture, by fostering personal, spiritual, and professional growth; and to give back, by helping alumnae make valuable contributions to Notre Dame, their communities, and the causes that inspire them.

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Senior Alumni

The Notre Dame Senior Alumni, which includes alumni and friends ages 55 and older, aims to help senior members of the Notre Dame community engage in programming that fosters friendships and camaraderie as well as service to each other and their local communities.

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Young Alumni

Serving Domers who have graduated within the past 10 years, the young alumni program provides events and resources geared toward alums who are navigating a variety of challenges and opportunities after college, including graduate school, their first jobs, and moving to new cities.

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Other Notre Dame Groups


The Notre Dame Parents Program website includes a listing of resources to help ND parents.

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Catch up with the ROTC and learn more about what’s happening.

Air Force



Graduate Business Alumni

Visit the Mendoza College of Business website to connect with fellow graduate business alumni.

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Law Alumni

Catch up with fellow Notre Dame Law School alumni.

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Monogram Club

Visit the Monogram Club website to connect.

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