The Association

Join us in celebrating 150 years of bringing the Notre Dame family together.

The first meeting took place on June 23, 1868 in the office of Rev. William Corby, C.S.C., the then-president of the still very young University of Notre Dame. A group of Notre Dame graduates attending commencement had gathered to form a new organization: “the Associated Alumni of the University of Notre Dame.”

Those assembled chose officers -- including “orator” and “poet” -- and drafted a constitution. The second paragraph of that founding document proclaimed: “The object of the association is defined to be: To preserve and strengthen the common tie that binds us to each other and alma mater, by means of yearly reunions and by literary correspondence.”

Nearly 150 years later, the Notre Dame Alumni Association has grown tremendously but the core purpose remains the same. In 2018, the association updated its mission statement to read: “For our alumni, parents, and friends, we strengthen bonds to Notre Dame and each other; help them to thrive in faith, service, learning, and work; and inspire them to act as forces for good in their communities and the world.”

It’s a charge we take seriously, which is why we spent much of 2017 evaluating ourselves and our work. We surveyed our alumni, parents, and friends and held focus groups. We listened to our volunteer leaders. We met with campus administrators. We benchmarked ourselves against our peers. All this with one goal in mind: To better connect you to each other and to Notre Dame.

Throughout this year, our 150th, the results of that process will be unveiled. New programing will be announced. Existing initiatives will be refocused and strengthened. Our commitment to serving you and Notre Dame will be reaffirmed and bolstered.

We invite all members of our beloved Notre Dame family to join us as we celebrate 150 years and look forward to the next 150 with the same zeal that inspired those gathered in Father Corby’s office a century and a half ago.