The Rev. Louis J. Putz Award

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The Reverend Louis J. Putz, CSC, was the inspiration and spiritual founder of NDSA. In his memory, the
Louis J. Putz, CSC, Award is presented annually by the Notre Dame Alumni Association (NDAA) to an
individual (alumni or non-alumni) in recognition of the development and implementation of social action
programs that have contributed to improving the lives of others.

Nomination window is to be determined.

2016: Jim Kinnane ’57

Putz Award

With this award, Jim Kinnane ’57 is honored for his continued commitment and service to Our Lady’s University. 

2015: Dick E. Jacob ’56

Putz Award

With this award, Dick E. Jacob ’56 is honored for his years of selfless service to his community, the Church, and the Notre Dame family.

2014: John C. Dwyer '55

Putz Award

With this award, John C. Dwyer ’55 is honored by the Alumni Association and the Senior Alumni of Notre Dame for his exemplary dedication to the Church and Catholic education.

2012: James J. Cavner '67

Putz Award

For his exemplary dedication to improving the lives of people in poverty, James J. Cavner '67 was honored with the 2012 Rev. Louis J. Putz, C.S.C., Award.

2011: Neil K. Hitz '62

Putz Award

For his role in facilitating improvements in Catholic parishes and schools, Neil Hitz '62 is honored with the 2011 Putz Award. 

2011: Christopher Walsh '59

Putz Award

With this award, Christopher Walsh ’59 is honored for his exemplary dedication to improving the lives of others. 


Past Recipients

  2012: James J. Cavnar 
2011: Neil K. Hitz '62 and Christopher M. Walsh ’59 2010 Mr. James W. O’Neill ’57
2009 Mr. Arthur C. Frericks '50 2008 Mr. Paul Hurley '56
2007 Mr. George Oser ’58 2006 Mr. Noreen Keating
2005 Dr. James R. Kennedy '57 and Elizabeth "Betsy" Finneran Kennedy '59 SMC 2004 Mrs. Mary Lou '56 SMC and Mr. Richard Yeager '56
2003 Dr. William J. Walsh '58 2002 Mr. Joseph P. Delaney