About the Alumni Association

Established in 1868, the Notre Dame Alumni Association (NDAA), began just 26 years after the founding of the University of Notre Dame. Father Neal Gillespie, a Holy Cross priest, was elected the first president of the Notre Dame Alumni Association, which included just a few hundred graduates at the time.  Today, our membership today has reached more than 130,000.

Any person who holds an undergraduate or graduate degree from Notre Dame, and any person who has matriculated at the University and is approved for membership by the Alumni Board of Directors, shall be a regular member of the Alumni Association. There are no membership dues.

Mission and Structure

The mission of the Alumni Association is to further the University’s mission of faith, learning, and service by facilitating more meaningful lifelong relationships within the global Notre Dame family.  

The Alumni Association has a three-prong structure consisting of the Alumni Association staff, the Alumni Board of Directors, and various alumni communities.  The NDAA staff handles the day-to-day operations of the Alumni Association and provides support to the Board and the ND alumni communities.

Getting Involved

There are numerous ways to get involved—or stay involved—with Notre Dame after graduation. To get started, you may want to: