UND Celebrations

In 1924, John H. Neeson, class of 1903 and then President of the Alumni Association, began Universal Notre Dame Celebrations as a universal meeting of all clubs on the same night. Neeson's first "Universal Notre Dame Night," in the form of a nationwide radio broadcast, highlighted the non-athletic achievements of the University's alumni and friends and, moreover, for the broader American public. The event served to nurture the University's reputation as a premier learning institution, and in fact promoted it.

Today, these events are referred to as Universal Notre Dame Celebrations, and are held to provide alumni with a "State of the University" from speakers representing all areas of the University. UND Celebrations are a key way for the University to thank alumni for their commitment to Notre Dame and provide an important mechanism to receive feedback from alumni across the world.

For information about the UND Celebration in your local area, visit the website of your local ND club.