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Welcome to the myNotreDame discussion groups. Come together and communicate with fellow Notre Dame alumni, parents and friends on a variety of topics. This is a great way to share ideas and stay informed on issues that interest you.

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Getting Started

Rules of Etiquette


This is a forum for parents who have children through adoption, as well as those going through or considering the adoption process.  Discuss your personal journey and story of building your family.

Alumni Living Abroad

Nearly 4,000 ND alumni live outside the United States. This is your gateway to the global network of ND alumni. Share your stories.

Band Alumni

Were you in the ND Marching Band? Connect here with your fellow former band members. Find out what’s happening with the current band, hear about Band Reunions, and discuss all things related to the Band!

Faith and Family

This is a forum for matters of faith.  It is a resource for inspiration and encouragement. Share your personal struggles and triumphs, and ways you and your family connect with your faith. 
A forum for former Keenan Hall residents to connect and keep up. 

Reunion Coordinators

This is a forum for class leaders who are planning their class Reunion. Share best practices for driving attendance, planning class dinners and Masses, securing special guest speakers, and much more.

Senior Alumni 

This is a forum for members of the Notre Dame Senior Alumni to share ideas and start conversations. 

Separated / Divorced

This is a forum for those who are separated or divorced. Discuss your journey as you navigate the road of healing to a life filled with happiness.

Travelin’ Irish

This is a group for those who love to travel. Share your stories about your adventures across the globe. 

Weddings at Notre Dame

This is a forum for couples who are planning their wedding on the Notre Dame campus. Brides-to-be and grooms-to-be can exchange information on wedding planning tips and resources.

Widows / Widowers

This group is for those who have lost a spouse and wish to remain an active member of the Notre Dame family. Join in for discussion and support from those who truly understand.

Working Moms

Find support and advice from the world of ND working moms. Learn how other working moms balance work and family.  Get advice and share your stories.