About ND Clubs

Through a variety of events and activities, each club seeks to foster the “Six C’s”. Clubs aim to: 
  • Become involved in community service events
  • Develop and maintain camaraderie among members
  • Encourage the Catholic/Christian spirituality that is unique to Notre Dame
  • Provide continuing education for all members
  • Support current students through scholarships and activities
  • Facilitate communication among club members and the larger Notre Dame community
If you've recently graduated or moved to a new area, you can find the nearest ND club here.

Support Club Scholarship Funds

Each year, many Notre Dame clubs provide scholarship assistance to students from their respective areas. There are several ways to contribute to a specific club's scholarship fund:
  1. Earmark your ND annual donation for that fund. Send it by mail to the University of Notre Dame, Office of Financial Aid, 115 Main Building, Notre Dame, IN 46556.
  2. Make an online contribution at supporting.nd.edu. Please indicate the existing club scholarship fund that you want to support.
  3. Send a payment directly to the Notre Dame Development office. Make checks payable to the University of Notre Dame and mail to the Development Office, 1100 Grace Hall, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556. Please specify the fund you want to support on the check's memo line.