Ten Reasons Why Domers Love Coming Back to Campus

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Whether it's catching up with friends or catching a football game, visiting the old dorm or stopping by the Grotto, here are just a few things that keep Domers coming back to campus.

1. Watching Home Football Games
There’s nothing quite like a Saturday afternoon in Notre Dame stadium. The cheering crowds, the celebratory post-touchdown push-ups, the 1812 overture, and of course the puns of Officer Tim McCarthy. If you’re lucky, you get the added bonus of a flyover to start things off. And of course, it’s a chance to see the Irish play. We are … ND.

2. Attending a Basilica Wedding
Whether you graduated last spring or years ago, chances are there’s a Basilica wedding in your future. The Basilica is a scenic and memorable location to tie the knot, and for alums, it feels like home.

3. Seeing New Buildings
Notre Dame is regularly touted for its scenic campus, which continues to grow. While you can count on continuity of style -- the University is known for maintaining its Collegiate Gothic architecture - new buildings and touches emerge to meet new needs.

4. Visiting Your Old Dorm
Residence halls are a staple of student life at Notre Dame, and you can probably list multiple friendships that began in your old dorm. Coming back to see your old digs and reminisce about your days here just feels right.

5. Reconnecting with Friends
Whether you’re coming in for Reunion just meeting up with old roommates at a football game, campus visits are a great way to catch up.

6. Walking or Running Around the Lakes
St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s lakes are calming, scenic, and a perfect spot for a morning jog or afternoon stroll.

7. Eating in the Dining Halls
Notre Dame does dining well, and the food options continue to get better. So whether you prefer the efficiency of North Dining Hall …

 … or the aesthetics of South Dining Hall (Catholic Hogwarts, anyone?) you know you’re in for a treat when you come back to eat on campus. Waffles and omelettes and stir fry, oh my!

8. Attending Mass
Nobody does Mass quite like Notre Dame, which celebrates it in every dorm, in academic buildings, in the Basilica, and even in Stepan Center after football games.

9. Visiting the Grotto
The quiet beauty of the Grotto draws many a Domer back for a visit. It’s the perfect place for prayer and silent reflection.

10. Seeing the Main Building
Perhaps no place says “Notre Dame” more than the Main Building. Getting a picture by it or of it is a must for any visit back to campus. There’s no place like Dome!