Football Fridays: On The Sidelines

Planning a trip to catch a home football game? Keep the Notre Dame tradition of lifelong learning alive with On The Sidelines, part of the Notre Dame Alumni Association's Football Fridays at the Eck. 

On Friday afternoons of home football games, faculty will share their insights and experiences about Notre Dame and its place in the world at On The Sidelines. An hour-long lecture series geared for a general audience, speakers share their expertise on a topic of interest as well as take your questions — all in just one hour.

Stop by the Eck Visitor's Center to catch an On The Sidelines presentation, and check out a selection from last year's series in the videos below. The series is free and open to the public.

Past Lecture Highlights:

Walk This Way: Legged Robots and Human Rehabilitation

Many of the same challenges people experience in recovering their ability to walk after a stroke or spinal cord injury are also found in designing legged robots. This non-technical talk by Dr. Jim Schmiedeler ’96, professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, will include interactive technology demos and discuss how complementary research in robotics and rehabilitation at Notre Dame is advancing the state of the art in both domains.

Fifty Years On and Off the Record with Father Hesburgh

Join a conversation about former Notre Dame President Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., with Professor Robert Schmuhl, author of the new book "Fifty Years with Father Hesburgh: On and Off the Record" A Notre Dame alumnus and University faculty member since 1980, Schmuhl talks about the Father Hesburgh he knew and often interviewed during a discussion with Mandy Kinnucan, Academic Programs Director of the Alumni Association.

Follow the Money: The Fight Against Terrorist Financing

Fifteen years after the Sep. 11, 2001 attacks, is the United States safer than we were that morning? Jimmy Gurule, professor of Law, is an internationally known expert in the field of terrorist financing. As Under Secretary of Enforcement with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Prof. Gurule led a successful effort to block more than $125 million in assets belonging to suspected foreign terrorist organizations. Join Prof. Gurule as he explores what strides the U.S. has made – or hasn’t made – to defund those who represent the biggest threat to our freedom.

The Game of the Century: A Clash of Perspectives on and off the Gridiron

The year 1966 will long be remembered as one of protest and division over the escalating War in Vietnam and the rise of black power. It will also be remembered for a highly-anticipated football game that ended in a controversy that Notre Dame and Michigan State fans still discuss. Drawing on constructs from psychology and ethics, Notre Dame's John Heisler and Prof. Clark Power explore how controversy in sports, as well as politics, can become a catalyst leading to ethical insight and mutual understanding.

A World Full of Problems: What will the Keough School do?

From immigration to climate change, people all over the world are encountering some of the greatest threats to dignity and human flourishing. What kind of impact will the Keough School of Global Affairs -- and its future graduates -- have on the world? Join Dean Appleby as he discusses some of these global challenges facing humanity and the ways in which the Keough School will educate and train students as they become the ethical leaders for the new global reality.

Fighting For the Moon...and Beyond!

What Would You Fight For? Notre Dame poses that question to millions of NBC viewers every fall during football season. Join a behind-the-scenes look at the popular on-air and online ad campaign, including an in-depth examination of a recent Fighting For commercial: work that’s literally out-of-this world from Engineering Professor Clive Neal. Prof. Neal is conducting scientific research on samples returned by Apollo missions that show the Moon has abundant resources that can enable human space exploration, create jobs, and drive technology development that will benefit humanity.

Hackers, Crackers and Corporate Attackers: Making Sense of Data Breaches in Our Digital World

If you have NOT received a letter in the mail explaining that your medical/financial/insurance data has been breached, consider yourself lucky (and in the minority since more than half of Americans had personal information stolen in 2014). This non-technical talk sheds light on the dramatic increases in data breaches in the US and abroad, and what research is telling us about who is the most vulnerable.

Presenter: Corey Angst, Viola D. Hank Associate Professor in the IT, Analytics, and Operations Department (ITAO) at the Mendoza College of Business

Pope Francis in America

As a commentator for NBC and MSNBC during Pope Francis' visit to the United States, Dr. Kathleen Cummings, Director of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, draws on her firsthand experience and shares her insights into this historical event.

Presenter: Kathleen Sprows Cummings, Director, Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism and Associate Professor of American Studies