Your Favorite Memories of Winter at Notre Dame

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By Scott Frano ’13
Hannah Storm Journalism Intern

Recently, we asked on our Facebook page for your favorite memories of campus in winter. Though many curse the South Bend winter while walking through bitter cold, biting wind and blinding snow, most of you had at least one fond memory of Notre Dame in winter.

Better with Friends

A majority of you referred to memories involving friends and classmates. It seems surviving the South Bend winter is far easier with company.

“Freshman year in 1984, building a 10'+ snowman on the front steps of the administration building at 2:30 am on a "school" night w/ 3 other Screamin' Otters! If I recall, it made the Observer,” responded Michael Kurowski, reminiscing on his time in Sorin College.

Judy Albert’s favorite memory involves a friend likely bewildered by the white fluffy stuff falling from the sky.

“The first time it snowed my freshman year, winter of '96, going out and making snow angels with one of my roommates who had never seen snow before.”

Bill Devitt’s favorite memory is a tad less innocent.

“Dragging multiple cases of beer back to Flanner Hall on bedsheets during The Storm (Frosh year) and sharing a few along the way. I ended up making money, and still having enough beer for a (small) section party,” he wrote.

A Walk to Remember

Many of you, like Joe Moskowitz, remember long walks in the cold to classes or elsewhere on campus. But just because they’re memorable doesn’t necessarily mean they were fun.

“Not my favorite, but most memorable: Freshman year Phys Ed. Waking up to go swimming at 8 a.m. at the Rock. Then, with the temperature -15 and the wind gusting up to 30 m.p.h., trudging all the way back across campus to Flanner Hall.”

Karen Hazlett remembers her winter walks around campus more fondly.

“Walking along the beautiful lake with the hush of the newly fallen snow, on my way to the grotto to light a candle while the Golden Dome towered above,” she responded.

Winter Warriors

Some of you said that a snowball fight is your favorite winter memory. Mark Korzenecki shared his brilliant snowball strategy: stand near the quarterback and a group of large men.

“Quad versus quad snowball fight in winter ’86. My key strategic move was to stay grouped near Steve Beuerlein, his throwing arm, and a couple of his lineman!”

Don Nollet and his friends didn’t need a campus-wide event to have fun in the snow.

“Snowball fights. No, wait: Taking turns tackling each other in the snow for no reason other than doing it for fun,” Nollet wrote.

Looking Ahead

Mike O’Leary answered with what was probably on his mind and almost everyone’s while toughing out another South Bend winter.

“Spring,” he replied simply.