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Notre Dame seniors are seen visiting the Grotto. Please join the Alumni Association in praying for the victims of severe storms and tornadoes in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. Submit a Grotto prayer request online and we will share it for you.

From the Alumni Association

As a way of showing prayerful solidarity with those affected by the tornadoes and severe storms in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas, the green Alumni Association candle will be lit at the Grotto and prayers will be offered. If you would like to share a special intention, please submit a Grotto prayer request or post your request at FaithND’s Facebook page. Prayers were also offered for the victims of these natural tragedies at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart Mass on Tuesday.

Mindful of the difficult days that lie ahead for our fellow alumni, parents, and friends dealing with this devastation, we ask that God’s mercy and strength guide and sustain them.

Dolly Duffy '84
Executive Director
Notre Dame Alumni Association

From Father John

Please see a special statement from University President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., below.

“The prayers of the Notre Dame community are with all who have been affected by the devastating tornado that swept across Oklahoma, in particular, as well as Texas and Kansas. To those who have lost loved ones, you have our deepest condolences. To those who have been injured, may God provide you with comfort and healing. To those who have responded with assistance to this tragedy, you have our heartfelt appreciation. And to those who are able, please consider donating to relief efforts through organizations such as Catholic Charities USA and the American Red Cross."

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