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About the Travelers

Why travel with Notre Dame?

Our travelers choose to travel with us for a few primary reasons. We offer unique travel experiences which include trips and lectures led by Notre Dame faculty and scholars, behind-the-scenes access around the globe and camaraderie with like-minded intellectually curious travelers. We carefully select our Travel Partners and only work with those who have a reputation for providing outstanding service to alumni travel groups. Traveling with Notre Dame ensures that you will have safe, carefree travel experiences. We take care of the details. There is also a spiritual component to our trips. Many of our trips are hosted by Holy Cross priests, connecting our travelers to their faith and Notre Dame. 

Do you have to be a Notre Dame graduate to travel on your trips?

We welcome anyone interested in traveling with us, not just Notre Dame alumni.  The one thing our travelers have in common is that they want to be connected to Notre Dame in some way. We think that is just another reason Notre Dame is unique. Our  travelers are parents, family, and friends of the university.

About the Trips

How large or small are your groups?

Trip size varies however most of our trips accommodate 25-36 travelers. Although some of our cruises can accommodate up to 100 people, these trips are often shared with like minded organizations and institutions.

Are their minimum or maximum age limits?

On most programs we welcome travelers over the age of 15. Most Alumni Travel programs are designed for adults. Some of these tours may be suitable for older children who have the necessary maturity and interest; however young travelers must pay the advertised adult price. While there is no maximum age, all participants must be physically fit and in good health.  Please call the individual travel supplier with your specific questions about tour participation.

Do you offer family programs?

Alumni Travel offers a handful of programs catered to family vacations with either your children or grandchildren. On these special tours, events and activities tailored for children aged four through 14 are offered at reduced prices. These unique opportunities to for families to learn and travel together are noted in the program descriptions.

Are some trips more active than others?

Yes. We categorize the activity of our trips in three ways: Leisure, Moderately Active, and Highly Active. 

Leisure is defined as a trip that moves at an easy pace, daily walks at a comfortable pace ranging from one to three hours, and excursions on relatively flat terrain. Moderately Active is defined as a faster pace, walks at a comfortable pace ranging from two to four hours, and excursions on a variety of terrain, including small hills and uneven surfaces. Good health is required. Highly Active is defined as a vigorous pace, daily hikes at a faster pace ranging from five or more hours, and excursions on a variety of terrain, including moderate to steep trails. Excellent health is necessary.


What is included in the price of a trip?

Trip prices are per person, based on double occupancy and in most cases do not include airfare. For single travelers, a single supplement may apply. For most land programs, tours and excursions are included in the price of the trip. There may be an additional cost for pre-program or post-program tours on our land programs and for excursions on our cruises. A professional tour manager will travel with you on all programs to ensure worry-free travel.

Is there an additional cost for single travelers?

All trip pricing is based on double occupancy, or two people sharing a room or cabin. Many of the trips offered will charge a single supplement for those who wish to room alone. On most tours, a limited number of single rooms are available. Single travelers can request to be matched with a roommate in order to reduce their cost. The tour company will strive to find a compatible partner - same gender - to share a room; however, the single supplement is required if a roommate cannot be found.

Do you offer specials or discounts?

Each of our travel partners offer special discounts throughout the year. In most cases, these special discounts are an EBD (Early Booking Discount) price. Book early to get the best price!

Reservations and Cancellations

How do I reserve my place on a trip?

Contact the travel partner listed on the brochure to book travel with Notre Dame. 

If you have further questions about the trip that cannot be answered by our travel partners, please contact us here in the Notre Dame Travel Office at (800) 634-2631.
What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies vary by travel partner. In most cases, travel companies charge a nominal cancellation fee from the time of the deposit to cover expenses incurred in processing a new reservation and mailing out the preliminary trip information. As the departure date draws near, the travel partner has made more financial commitments to their suppliers (airline, hotel and ground transportation). Accordingly, cancellation fees then become more substantial as the departure date approaches. We suggest that you discuss cancellation fees with our travel partners before making your initial deposit. We also strongly recommend travel cancellation insurance to minimize financial risks. 

Can I book my air transportation on my own to get a non-stop flight, use frequent-flyer miles or simply get a better deal?

Yes, but with caution. Indeed, you can get a better price in many cases through an on-line travel company.  However, we strongly urge you to arrange your flight through our travel partners. Where international air travel is concerned, the unexpected can occur and often does. Flights are delayed, cancelled and/or planes are re-routed. In most cases, when you book on your own, your flight is non-refundable and you may forfeit the entire cost of the ticket should you need to change your itinerary and in these cases our travel partners cannot intervene on your behalf. We think the benefits of booking with our travel partners far outweigh the minimal cost savings of booking on your own. Our travel partners have strong alliances across the airline community.  Time and time again, they have provided our travelers with exceptional customer care when the unexpected occurred. This is why we recommend making all of your arrangements through our travel partners. They take care of you. 


Should I purchase travel Insurance?

We strongly recommend that you be adequately insured against last minute trip cancellation in case of an illness, injury, medical evacuation, delay or unforeseen emergency. Our insurance travel partner, Travel Insurance Select, offers reasonable packages in three different tiers. The Select Elite package is the most comprehensive package and provides “cancel for any reason coverage” up to the day of departure. For more information and pricing, visit Travel Insurance Select at www.travelinsure.com/select7. If you would like to receive a Travel Insurance brochure, please contact us at (800) 634-2631.

Brochures, Catalogs and Monthly Newsletter

Do you have a publication that lists all of your trips?

We publish an annual catalog in May of each year, listing programs offered in the following calendar year. Our catalog is sent to anyone who has traveled with us in the past or requested information about our trips.  You can also view all of our trips on-line in the trips section. To request a copy, email us at alumtrav@nd.edu or call us at (800) 634-2631.

How can I request a specific brochure?

Request brochures by e-mail at alumtrav@nd.edu or by phone at (800) 634-2631. In your message, simply state the name of the trip you are interested in and your address and you will receive it within the same week.

When are trip brochures available?

Brochures are printed 6-9 months in advance of the departure date. If you request a brochure before it is printed, one will be sent to you as soon as it is printed.

Will I automatically receive all brochures if I am on the mailing list?

Not all brochures are automatically mailed to everyone. To guarantee a space on a program that interests you, place an early deposit with our travel partners. An early deposit reserves your space on the program and ensures the best possible price.

Do you have an e-mail newsletter?

We send out our Travelin’ Irish Newsletter monthly to all of our past travelers who have asked to receive e-mail from us. This newsletter is the best way to stay connected with us.  It features an update from our Travel Program Director, Christa LeeVan, trip highlights and new trips, special offers, and travel tips. You can also view the latest copy on our web-site in the Travelin’ Irish Newsletter section.

Contact Info for NDAA Travel Program

How can I contact the Notre Dame Alumni Travel Program?

Our direct number is (574) 631-6190. We can also be reached at (800) 634-2631.

If you prefer to e-mail us, please send an email to alumtrav@nd.edu.
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