A team of students in the capstone course for Arts and Letters' collaborative innovation minor finished second in the competition that aims to seek out and nurture the next generation of Disney's acclaimed Imagineers.
A team of researchers will study the stability of parental relationships and its effect on the wellbeing of their baby. It is the first study of its kind that includes fathers as well as mothers.
With 27 students winning Fulbright awards in 2016-17 (24 of whom were from Arts and Letters), Notre Dame is tied for second among top Fulbright producers, the University's highest-ever ranking. If the College of Arts and Letters were its own institution, it would be the sixth-highest producer of Fulbrights in the U.S.
Margot E. Fassler, the Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Music History and Liturgy, hopes to focus attention on a historical era that she believes can provide better understanding of the political, environmental, and class problems currently facing the globe.
Dr. Nick Schneeman '80 is convinced that the American health care system doesn't have to shortchange the elderly. He's developed a model to provide compassionate and effective care for them while also running a successful business. He credits the skills he gained in the College of Arts and Letters for helping him effectively confront that challenge.
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